Marina 50, Lusail

41503 Squares

The Beautiful Lusail Marina Tower-50

After much anticipation the launch of Lusail’s Marina 50 Tower is now ready. The Lusail Marina 50 has become Lusail most sought after address for commercial offices and retails. in the heart of the country’s premier new metropolis.

The name Tornado was developed by the design team to describe the distinctive, hyperbolic shape of the building. This form is enhanced by a unique lighting system, designed especially for the tower by renowned light artist Thomas Emde. His kinetic light sculpture, by its movement of light, suggests the torsion of a tornado. The lighting system is programmable and is capable of producing over 35,000 variations of lighting patterns to create a stunning visual effect at night.

By offering a prime location for both business operations and relaxation, Lusail’s Marina 50 Tower has allowed a seamless union of modernity and tradition as never experienced previously.

The amenities and architectural aesthetics found within this exclusive district of Lusail Smart city offer idyllic glamour and tranquility, all represented impeccably by Lusail’s Marina 50 Tower.

Lusail’s Marina 50 Tower boasts state of the art amenities to attend to the demands of even the most discerning clients. Innovative technology found throughout the building’s structure enables the tower to ensure that the ultimate standards in comfort and indulgence are met.

The project is designed as per Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) standards as the proposed green city in Lusail shall utilize underground tunnels, which will carry water pipes to provide cooling to the building in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient manner.


This project comprises of Construction of Office Building (3B+G+22) at Lusail (Marina MIX/50). The total plot area is approximately 4,111 sq. mtr. While about 2,283 sq. mtrs. Is the covered area which is approximately 55% of the plot area. The building contains 3 basement levels primarily parking facilities, services areas. Ground floor and 22 floors to a total built up area of approximately 41503 sqm.