Tenant Screening Company in Qatar

Makan is one of the best tenant screening companies in Qatar, so if you are looking for excellent tenants for your commercial property, you have come to the right place. As part of our tenant screening services, we will perform a background check on the probable tenants to see if they have a good record, pays tax on time, have a stable job, their character and so on. It is important that you enlist the services of tenant screening companies before you take in new tenants because it wouldn’t be possible for you to do all this on your own, and would need professionals who can do all the legwork. This way, you can be assured of getting excellent tenants for your corporate buildings

Benefits of Tenant Screening Services

When you have the right people to do the tenant screening for you, so you can reduce the risk of liability on your property. You can also be assured that you are not inviting any criminals or people with a jail record into your building. And the best benefit of them all – you have fewer vacancies and rent paid on time.

With tenant screening services you can be assured that you will get honest, trustworthy tenants. Yes, there are people who often falsify records or give misrepresented facts about themselves. It takes only an expert to see through such false people, and tenant screening companies have the resources to do that for you. Through various tools and proper background check, you can be assured of excellent tenants.

Tenant Screening Services offered by Makan

We provide complete and all-encompassing Tenant Screening Services so there will be no mistakes or errors. As part of our tenant screening services, you can expect a full package where we will deeply scrutinise all the people that applies to be a tenant through a background check program. We will send them a rental screening invite which they have to complete and send. Once we receive the complete tenant screening report from the prospective tenants, we will perform our own personal verification and background check, double checking all the facts written in them. We will also check their previous tenancy, whether they have paid the rent on time, have had any eviction and so on.

As part of the tenant screening services that we provide, we perform thorough background checks and credit reports of all the people that are interested in becoming your tenants. You can trust out credit checks because they are designed exclusively for tenant screening, so you can confidently make the right decision when we present our report. We will conduct a check for their criminal background also so landlords will be assured and to ensure that we do it the right way, we use sophisticated tools and advanced fillers so we will never miss anyone. We check different registries to ensure we don’t miss anything out.

When a tenant informs you that he has lived at a particular location, how can you be assured that they have actually lived there? Through rental verification services provided by us, we will actually verify whether they have lived at that location. Since the potential tenant has provided an address we will go to the location to understand more about the tenant and their part conduct in the property. Armed with this knowledge, we can make suggestions that would help you make the right decision in admitting tenants.


The potential client will obviously tell the landlord where his place of employment is. Well, this has to be verified as well, right? As part of our service, we will verify the place of employment and also the job title to assure the landlord that all the tenants’ names in the screening and verification report are accurate and true.

When you are admitting new tenants into your building, you need to be assured that they have a criminal record in their name, and that they have not done jail time. Through criminal history checks, we have the means and provisions to check for this information even if the tenant has failed to provide the information.


Every landlord dreams of having tenants that give them no trouble, pays rent on time, and moves out when required. But obviously, not all tenants are like this. With a state based eviction background check report, you will be able to see how many times a particular tenant had been evicted. This will give you an idea of the kind of tenant a particular person is. Doing an eviction history background check will be helpful when you want to find out the behaviour of the potential tenant regarding eviction.

Why choose a tenant screening company in qatar?

When you hire tenant screening companies in Qatar, you can take a huge load off your shoulders. We can do all the legwork for you, ensuring that you will get only the best tenants who pay their rent on time, has no criminal record and keep the building and the property in excellent condition. It is important that you need professionals handling tenant screening and doing the background check because this is something that has to be done with a great deal of professionalism, care and caution. We will be able to quickly catch any red flags with non-ideal candidates and will protect you from tenants that could give you trouble.