Property Management services

Owning a property is an asset. But it can be a burden and turn into an expensive affair if you don’t manage it well. Buying a property, owning and managing it requires tactical moves and knowledge of the market, and sometimes a bit of its future too. Often what you need is tailored and specialist advice to manage your multi-asset portfolio of commercial properties. As property managers, we will study the market conditions and then provide tailor-made solutions to suit the nature of the property, and ensure that you get consistent returns to grow your portfolio.

With the help of a reputed and experienced property management company in Qatar, you can easily make intelligent investments in any part of Qatar, and watch it grow. We will be with you every step of the way, right from acquiring the property or building to giving it out for rent or managing it, collecting rent, handling the various situations that come with managing a property and being very firm with the clients.

Investing in land is a very important and critical asset management move that has to be done carefully, and you need the right consultant to protect and diversify those assets. We aim to maximize the value of your assets by making intelligent decisions, provide proactive property management and offer exceptional advice to clients planning to acquire or sell property.

Benefits of hiring a Property Management company in qatar

Growing your property investment portfolio is not an easy thing to do at all. When you have a few properties of your own, whether it is big or small managing, them on your own can be a challenge, especially when you have work, family and other aspects of life. Actually, managing a property takes up a lot of time, and when done well, it can be turned into a valuable asset. One of the biggest benefits of hiring property management company in Qatar is that your property will get managed in the most professional manner possible, and you won’t have to regret this decision ever.

Once you own a property, it will be the duty of the property management company in Qatar to find you good tenants after going through tenant screening process. This way you don’t have to deal with any financial or legal hardships and even avoid rental scams directed towards property owners. And you will never have to search for a tenant, once the present one vacates because the property manager swill ensure that your property doesn’t stay vacant for too long, and they will always a network of people searching for property that fits your building’s description.

Property Management services offered Makan

As a reliable property management company in Qatar, we offer top-rated exclusive services for all the properties that we manage. Our services are offered across all areas of real estate management, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We have an excellent team who are proactive and innovative when it comes to managing properties.

When our team is managing your property, you can focus on other aspects of your work, reduce operating costs, minimize risk, quit worrying about getting the rent on time, enjoy better facilities management, ensure your property is safe for tenants and users and additionally, we will also proactively plan strategies that will enhance and multiple your investment value. All our services will be directed towards growing your real estate investment portfolio.

As part of the property management services in Qatar, we offer the following services for our clients:

  • Tenant screening and Leasing – We will work exclusively, screening the tenants to check whether they are honest, reliable and trustworthy. If you have a commercial property wherein you need tenants to fetch your good rent, don’t worry, we have a huge network of probable tenants who are looking for properties like yours. Through proper tenant screening, we can assure you that you will get worthy tenants, and eliminate all the headache and stress associated with problem tenants. We aim to make your real estate investment as profitable as possible, and that starts with getting good tenants.
  • Leasing is also one of our premier services. We can help you draw a legal, contractual agreement with which you can lease a property or give your property for leasing purpose, and get monetary benefit in return. Rent collection and Financial Management – Rent collection is a headache you can best leave to professionals like us so you can focus on other aspects that require your full focus and dedication.
  • Property maintenance and repairs – As your real estate property manager, we can not only help you plan, acquire and manage properties that suit your real estate portfolio, but we will take a huge load off your shoulders by doing all the property maintenance repair jobs on time. This will be done regularly, and according to the maintenance schedule, and after each tenant vacates the property. This ensure that when the new tenants arrive, the property will be in top working condition. The maintenance of a commercial property is a huge task indeed because a lot of nuances will have to be covered. And that’s exactly why we have experts going through a fine-tooth comb.
  • Marketing and advertising – When it comes to marketing your property, there is nothing better than having expert property managers with a wealth of experience by your side. We can help you manage advertising of your property right from the beginning till the end, and handle all the rules, regulations and legalities involved in it. We have expert marketing and advertising teams who can market your property in the most attractive manner, highlighting its best features and making it appealing to people. Contact us today to know how we can market your property effectively so it will attract real deals and concrete enquiries. Additionally, we also offer vendor management services.  Through effective vendor management, you can expect a huge load taken off your shoulders. We will handle all the vendor-related duties, including selecting the vendors, negotiating contracts, managing the costs, ensuring service delivery and reducing vendor-related risks.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance – Complying with the local, regional and national laws can be a bit difficult if you don’t follow it closely, especially with the changing rules and regulations. With a property management company working for you, that’s another worry less for you. It is also imperative that you know that in spite of all things that happen in the tenant-landlord relationship, there could come a situation when you have to deal with tenants that refuse to move out at the end of the contract or use your property rather destructively. In such situations you need to know the rules and regulations and how to evict tenants without further issues. This is practically impossible without lawyer representation. Make sure you follow the fair housing laws diligently so you will not be accused of illegal discrimination.