Palm Tower, West Bay

The Elegant Palm Tower

Inspired by the native palm trees of Qatar, the Palm Towers in Doha rise as an icon of the city’s cultural memory. The palm tree is a symbol of survival, and the form of these towers is meant to represent the continuance and success of the surrounding community. To create the design for the towers, the detailing of the façade and the crown were treated to be reminiscent of the plant itself. The faces of the buildings are punctuated with stainless steel fins as well as geometric manipulations of the form to accomplish this imagery.

Standing as landmarks in Doha’s quickly expanding commercial district, the slender twin towers have a variety of office spaces to cater to the needs of its users. The circular core and hexagonal form contribute to the layout’s efficiency. At the base, the towers are connected by an eight-story parking podium to serve all visitors and occupants